SDPlex designs & builds reusable software components that handle SMALL DATA for Enterprise Applications. Such as Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Systems. By acquiring and then contextualizing them at the EDGE. Integrating and combining (PLEX) OT and IT (IoT). SD Plex is building IoT infrastructure solutions for global companies and is positioned to the IoT leader in the AgTech, FoodTech, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Energy Industries. 



Organic Plugs:
The Plug is characterized by its use of Jute and our patented water storage Bio-flakes which combination enables an optimized moisture and air balance in the Plug. The Plug is suitable for each cultivation phase and is available in various variations and sizes. It can be easily removed from the soil or plant and is fully biodegradable and compostable.
Bio Flakes:
The core of our products is the Bio-flakes. These Flakes that have the unique water-managing features. It can absorb up to  (33x its own weight) of  moisture, stores it and easily re-delivers the moisture to the plant when it is needed. Depending on end-use requirements we manage the amount Bio-flakes added to our products as well of the amount of gel connected to the carrier.
Organic Mats:
Plant products are always on the move around the world. During transport it is crucial that 
(redundant) water is managed. During transport the plant has the use of enough moisture which is stored in the plugs and is delivered to the customer in excellent condition.



Holland Pulse Light BV. is the result of a collaboration between specialists from both the food industry and technology industry, both of which have specialized in ash techniques for more than 40 years. Our vision is to be a company that makes a significant contribution to food safety and food sustainability, to increase the health of people around the globe, and to contribute to the global food shortage by means of a affordable new technology solutions. There has been an increasing insecurity about food safety in recent years. 

Over the past few years, there has been increasing insecurity about the addition of chemical preservatives that occurs in some methods of food preservation. Many of these methods have been critically assessed and some have been found to carry significant health risks. Research has uncovered several foods and preservation methods that contain traces of foreign and sometimes harmful substances.

Due to the ever-growing global population of people, healthy food will become increasingly scarce. This means that extending the shelf-life of food in a responsible way is becoming increasingly important. The actual health of food over longer periods of time in a responsible manner has received increasing amounts of attention over the past several years. 


Holland20, B.V.

The world’s most advanced ionized water system for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and trees, the result is larger and quicker harvests. Stronger plants absorb more minerals from ground, giving plants extra minerals and nutrients to ensuring the best results.