Management Team



Chairman, CEO and Founder

Mr. DiSanti has worked in the commercial real estate industry for over a decade. He has worked for major banks; as an underwriter he structured and underwrote $1.5 Billion dollars in commercial real estate loans ranging from warehouse, retail/office, co-op, condominiums and multi-family buildings. Mr. DiSanti, has also managed a team of portfolio managers at a multi-international bank. His own portfolio consisted of 200 loans – in excess of $1 Billion dollars. Mr. DiSanti is well known in the finance space and considered an expert in the industry. He received his MBA from Texas A&M – Commerce and a M.S. in finance from the College at Brockport.



President, COO & Director

Mr. Sernande is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who has a passion for community and globally impacting projects He has served in a wide range of business and technical capacities for startups and non-profits. Yuri is an innovator with a track record of transformational leadership strategies. Yuri’s skill set includes developing strategic plans and improving business processes and creating innovative product platforms. Yuri has 19 years of management and technology consulting experience, and has worked with leading hardware and software companies to develop their technology platforms.




Dr. Noh is an accomplished system architect and relation builder with more than 20 years of system design and development experience in mission critical IT and OT environments. He has an impressive track record leveraging his own subject matter expertise delivering highly available transaction processing and process control systems with customer care as a key component for increased sales, in both “overhead” and “P&L” driven environments. A customer-focused problem solver and change facilitator, he served as CTO of NSTech, an engineering affiliate of NongShim Group in Korea, managing 9 plants that were located in Korea, US and China before he founded SDPlex in Sep. 2017. Dr. Noh earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science in Stanford.




Werner Huisman has over 25 years as an entrepreneur. He has completed study register consultant business succession and has worked for more then 10 years in the mergers and acquisition (M&A) field. Werner is considered a people manager and has an excellent view on new business opportunities, especially in the field of sustainability. Werner has amassed an international wide network and currently speaks four languages: Dutch, English, German and limited Spanish. He specializes in bridging the gap between two parties to find a suitable solution.


Margaret Dombrowski


Mrs. Dombrowski an Entrepreneur and Senior Analyst since 2000 was born in Hong Kong and moved to Washington at an early age.  Receiving a full ride scholarship at Washington State University Margaret graduated in 3 years with Honors; accomplished a triple Major in Management Information Systems (MIS), Decision Science (Statistics) and Management.   She has a very strong and proven track record to establishing systematic courses of actions for self or others to ensure the accomplishment of specific objectives. Loves data and challenges, the more difficult the challenge the more committed she is in generating a creative, yet simple solution that serves the organization and shareholders. Mrs. Dombrowski has a talent to diagnose root cause and her ability to keenly develop logic based scalable solution(s) are due to her well-developed analytical skills.  She is a self-driven learner and hard driver in solution delivery and continuous process improvement. Owner of several successful businesses, including a Catering Company, Agro Company and several Property Management Companies.



Chief Science Advisor

Paul de Kleijn was born in 1944 in The Hague, The Netherlands. After studying Chemical Technology at the High Technical School in Dordrecht he worked for more than a decade at two companies which are today known as PPG and Akzo Nobel. In 1977, he started his own company Parvus Chemie where he developed numerous innovative products of which many were patented. He also is the inventor of the intense pulsed light for photo polymerization which has numerous applications in agriculture and medical sector.  In 2015, he received a knighthood as ‘Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau’ for his contribution to science.



Advisory Board

Ferdi Jeuken studied in Amsterdam to become a CPA. He then served as a senior manager at an international assurance practice. He transitioned to a CFO for a leading textile company. This combination made him a financial expert with a strong entrepreneurial focus on international business. Ferdi speaks three languages: Dutch, English and German. Ferdi understands the fundamentals and nature of finance. He aims to contribute to creating a better world by setting up and developing sustainable businesses models worldwide. Ferdi serves as the CEO of Feherety BV as well as CEO/co-owner of M-Light International BV, a holding company with subsidiaries specializing in lighting solutions. He has over 30 years of financial experience in international business, business combinations, start-ups and CEO experience.


bob hoban

Advisory Board

Bob Hoban is the nation’s leading hemp attorney. He is an AV-Rated Preeminent Attorney with over fifteen years of experience as a commercial litigator, transactional attorney, and real estate practitioner.  His law firm employs over thirty attorneys in fifteen states and is the nation’s leader in legal services for cannabusiness. Mr. Hoban completed his PhD coursework at the University of Colorado at Denver in public policy and has taught at the University of Denver in the Law and Society Program and regularly instructs regarding cannabis and hemp related legal and policy topics.