Who We Are

  • A Public company currently offering shares in the firm on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol $NBCO.

  • One of the first companies operating in the Hemp industry to submit a REG A+ offering which allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate in Private companies for the first time.

  • Focused on acquiring revenue generating companies in the fast growing agriculture industry and ancillary products and services within the space.

  • Partnered with industry leading professionals, companies and innovative technologies.


We are looking to the future

Neon Bloom, Inc. is a holdings company, based in the United States, acquiring innovative agriculture and ancillary technology products and services across the globe.


Why we do what we do

Our experiences lead us to building relationships forged in empathy and professionalism.

We take great pride in giving back to the community, our environment, and people less fortunate.

We pick our ventures in the vein of how they align with these ideals.



We enjoy principles of sustainability in all aspects of our work as the gratification of choosing a business model that rewards others is a seed that begets future work and helps people along the way.

Our interests and business ventures directly alleviate many growing problems that have been formed from poor standard operating procedures within other industries. Through the agriculture industry we are completely enabled to be both profitable and environmentally conscious.



We make the following commitments to the innovators who are interested in a partnership: Neon Bloom is committed to being a responsive and transparent international investment firm that works with the highest potential innovators to support them on their path to improve the lives of millions on a global scale.



Neon Bloom has been founded and forged on the basis of our mission, vision, core values and purpose. We stay true to these principles by partnering with people who share these values first and foremost. We strongly believe our cause is bigger than any company or individual. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to be the higher standard to the agriculture industry, the environment and people.


We are a team united

We believe that Human Capital is the most important asset class. We set out to build a world class team of Scientist, Medical Doctors, PhDs, Engineers and Business Professionals with a united vision to transform, evolve and change the health and wellness of the world and humanity. We take accountability to leave a legacy that addresses the current environmental crisis. Making strategic investment decisions that are centered upon making a positive social and community impact to the markets we serve.